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How To Price Your Property To Sell

My fellow Real Estate professionals are definitely not going to be in agreement with me, in fact they may dispute this information to the core. One of the reasons this is so, is that we have not had a “normal” real estate market for over ten years, therefore a lot of the existing real estate professionals have never seen what a normal real estate market looks like, their only experience, even though it may span ten plus years, has been that prices are determined by what other people pay. In fact, this may come as a surprise to you, that...

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How to Do A Short Sale

What is a Short Sale: The term “Short Sale”, to “sell short” means exactly that, when you sell for less. The World Book Dictionary defines “short” as used in this sense as “not coming up to the right amount, measure, standard, etc... The cashier is short in his accounts.” From the point of view of the bank, selling short means that the bank is going to get less money than what is actually owed on the property. Because of this reason, the bank has to agree to you selling the property for less than what is owed. The advantage for...

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