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Buying a commercial property can be a big step for a business—it can enable a new business to get started on the right foot or propel an established business to new heights of growth and expansion. But the property has to be right for the business, as well as properly priced, for a purchase to make sense as a sound business investment.

A commercial property is not just an address—it is crucial to know what the property can be used for in terms of zoning, building capacity and obtainable permits. We take due diligence very seriously and do extensive research in terms of technical specifications, valuation, zoning, permits, contamination of grounds, amongst others. We also take those factors into account to ensure that properties for sale are correctly priced.

Our expert real estate professionals are experienced in helping clients find the right property for them, including helping them determine what makes sense for their business financially, and ensuring that they are getting good value. When needed, we additionally provide referrals to appropriate professionals, including lawyers, tax advisors and engineering firms.

Our individualized, personal service has been especially appreciated by foreign and out-of-state business owners and investors, who sometimes need extra help understanding the requirements of real estate transactions in the state of California. We provide all of our clients with highly personalized service, keeping them up-to-date as about the buying process and opportunities and helping them to smoothly achieve their business objectives.


Purchasing a business

In the process of buying a commercial real estate property, our clients are sometimes also interested in purchasing an existing, established business that is located on the property. We provide full brokerage services for the purchasing of businesses in California.

Purchasing a business has many aspects, including accurately determining what the business is worth and negotiating which of the business’ assets are included in the transfer of ownership. Business can have many assets including machinery, government licenses and permits, trade names and trademarks, accounts receivable, signs and advertising materials, websites, and other assets. Our brokerage experts perform a detailed evaluation and inform you of all aspects to consider, so that there are no surprises.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business goals smoothly and efficiently.

Prosperity Commercial Group caters to the sale of all types of businesses except restaurants, cafes and other types of drink and food dispensaries, and traditional automotive repair businesses (we provide brokerage services for the sale of automotive repair and maintenance business that service electric and hybrid vehicles).

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