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Selling a commercial property can be a tricky proposition. Valuation of the building, remediation of conditions that lower the potential selling value, proactive marketing using a sensible, custom marketing plan and setting the best terms are all part of the sales process in commercial real estate.

The value of a commercial building is heavily dependent on the specific factors, including zoning at city and county level, size of the property, condition of the building, previously obtained permits and commercial usage possibilities. We are experts at the valuation of commercial properties, analyzing all factors in detail to give you an accurate estimation that gets you the best price on the market.

Our team is experienced in the remediation of factors that could lower sales value and can give invaluable advice as to how to strategies that will get the best price for a building.

Additionally, commercial real estate requires more stringent adherence to rules and regulations. We ensure that the sale of our clients’ buildings adheres to all local, regional and state guidelines. When needed, we also put our clients in touch with appropriate professionals, including lawyers, commercial lenders, tax advisors and engineering firms, so that the project can take an effective and smooth course to completion.

We pride ourselves on excellent, personal service and keeping our clients in the know as to the state of their projects. We explain the California sales process in detail so that clients can make informed decisions, and, in short, we guide our clients all along the way. The driving principle of our business is to help business owners achieve their objectives.

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Selling a business

Sometimes a business owner wishes to sell their business along with selling the commercial property that the business occupies. Prosperity Commercial Group provides full business brokerage services, including detailed valuation and proactive, intelligent marketing of the business.

We apply the same detailed process to the selling of businesses as we do to the selling of commercial real estate properties, but with the addition of the many factors that need to taken into account when evaluating and contracting the sale of a business. These include determining the value of the many tangible and nontangible assets of the business, including inventory, machinery, franchise agreements and/or distribution rights, customer deposits, trade names and trademarks and goodwill of the business, among many other factors.

Our brokerage experts will guide you through every step of the process and help you get the most value for your business and the hard work you have put into it.

We cater to the sale of all types of businesses except restaurants, cafes and other types of food dispensaries, and traditional automotive repair businesses (we provide brokerage services for the sale of automotive repair and maintenance business that service electric and hybrid vehicles).

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