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Are You Facing Foreclosure?

To "Foreclose" in the original sense means "bar someone from redeeming a mortgage". It means to stop, prevent, rule out or prevent a course of action, in this case, prevent the mortgagee (home owner) from redeeming (making good) his mortgage and take possession of the mortgaged property. The word comes from Latin "for" meaning in this case "out" plus "clore" to close. This is a right that is stripped from the homeowner in favor of the lender, then and only then can the lender take possession of the homeowner's property. In other words, the homeowner has the right to make...

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The Hidden Side of Distressed or Foreclosed Homes

A distressed property is what is known as a "foreclosed" property. In this case the term "distressed" does not carry its regular meaning of "great pain or sorrow", "misfortune", "difficult situation". When we talk about a "distressed" property, the bank is using a specific legal definition. According to The World Book Dictionary, the word “distress” on its legal definition means “the legal seizure of the goods of another as payment for debt”. A distressed property, also known as a foreclosed property, is a home that has been or is about to be seized by a bank because the homeowner defaulted...

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