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Have Monthly Payments Coming to You – Be The Bank Using Real Estate.

If you have ever invested or are an investor, it is likely you have encountered the problems of too little returns, uncertainty as to what the rate of interest will be –because of fluctuations on the economy, putting too much money at risk, the need for cash flow to pay for bills & expenses or tying capital for a long period of time at low returns therefore getting a net loss due to the cost of living a.k.a. inflation. Security is usually the trade-off. In other words the price for security we pay is enormous! For example, if you have...

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Which Type of Money to Use for Investing & Spending

In Scotland, you have 4 types of money -currency. There are four kinds of £10 pound notes, four kinds of £5 pound notes, etc… you can see what these notes look like here: Scottish Notes. As someone who has done commerce both in Scotland and England (in the United Kingdom England refers to the English Kingdom as opposed to Wales & Scotland) I always noticed a big difference in the purchasing power of the Scottish versus the English. Literally speaking the English public had a constant lack of money while the Scottish public seemed to have an abundance of money....

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How to Calculate How Much you are Really Making on Your Investments

You might think you are making 18%? How about 7.5%? this actually happened to someone who e-mailed me a couple of months ago, he thought he was making 18%, when in reality he was making much less than that. How come? Because monthly statements are confusing and because the real return is found out only when you calculate what is called a “weighted average”. For example, if you have $25,000 dollars at 4%, $6,000 at 6% and $10,000 making 18%, how much are you really making? This makes a total invested of $41,000. The formula is: multiply each fund by...

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