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How You Can Sell Your Property Faster

  Theoretically we all have access to properties being sold thanks to the Internet. In addition there are real estate companies who for a small fee, offer to do all the paperwork and you therefore "save" on the commission that otherwise would go to a real estate agent. There is also a very famous real estate website which offers to rebate 40% or more of the commission back to you via a discount. It seems as if it is just a matter of finding the property you like then buying it. It seems as if technology has made human assistance unnecessary....

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How To Price Your Property To Sell

My fellow Real Estate professionals are definitely not going to be in agreement with me, in fact they may dispute this information to the core. One of the reasons this is so, is that we have not had a “normal” real estate market for over ten years, therefore a lot of the existing real estate professionals have never seen what a normal real estate market looks like, their only experience, even though it may span ten plus years, has been that prices are determined by what other people pay. In fact, this may come as a surprise to you, that...

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