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Guide to Buying Real Estate

This is intended as a practical short guide, not as a course or comprehensive article about buying real estate. For the latter I highly recommend the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books & courses which are inexpensive and full of insight. This article is also more geared towards the purchase or residential real estate by potential homeowners or residential investors. These concepts are totally applicable and remain the same in Commercial real estate purchasing and investing, only the nomenclature and procedures differ somewhat since more work is needed to obtain the information. Value in Real Estate: We look for...

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Price, Value & Affordability –What You Need to Know

These words do not mean the same, they are related but they refer to very different aspects of the real estate transaction, or any transaction for that matter. Price is simply the amount in dollars that a piece of real estate is being sold for. Price by itself usually does not mean much, example: I am selling you this pen for $50 dollars. Value, on the other hand, is the relative worth to you or others of a particular good, service or piece of real estate. Value & price are not proportional, meaning the increase of one does not necessarily...

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